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Here's some pictures of my 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint Convertible and a little of it's history.

Picture of My Falcon

My wife, Lori, gave the car to me on July 19, 1997 as a 50th birthday present. I think she did a great job finding and purchasing the car. The only problem since receiving the car is that I'm always working on the car and not doing the odd jobs around the house that needs to get done. Also, the car is kind of like a piggy bank, a few dollars put into her to fix this or that thing, the only problem is it doesn't jingle much when I shake it.

Picture of the Falcon Engine

The car when I received it was an older restoration (restomod) about 4 to 5 years old; I'm assuming this by the can of paint that was in the trunk, that was dated 1992. The car came from the South Lake Tahoe area and was only driven in summer by the previous owner. I have been unsuccessful in reaching the previous owner. So, I'm attempting to identify the parts that are installed on the car that are not stock, this is very interesting and can also be time consuming, but fun.

I have now owner the car for 7 years during this time I have corrected structural problem, improved/added safety items, added missing parts, replaced incorrect parts with the correct parts and made some modifications. I do major work on the car during the winter and drive it during the summers (TOP DOWN of course).

The car has won various awards at Regional and National Falcon Club of America Meets/Car shows. A log of what I have done to the car is located at...

More about My 1964 Ford Falcon

Recently, I contacted the Department of Motor Vehicles for the State of Nevada and received approx 16 years of the cars title history. The car between 1992 and 1997, was own by 4 different people and a couple of used car lots. Between, 1992 and 1986, the same person in San Jose, Ca owned the car. I have been trying to get the cars history from 1986 and later from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. So far, I have not had much luck with the California DMV.

History from 2003 thru 1986

From To Who Where Comments
Apr 1997 Present John Guerini Santa Rosa, Ca
Aug 1995 Apr 1997 John T----r Minden, Nv
Feb 1995 Aug 1995 Mary G-----r(Trust for H----r) Reno, Nv
Feb 1992 Feb 1995 Robert H----r Reno, Nv Car was painted in 1994
Feb 1992 Feb 1992 Wahoe County Detension Facility Reno, Nv
Jan 1992 Feb 1992 Micheal K---------K Reno, Nv
Jan 1992 Jan 1992 The Auto Center Reno, Nv
Oct 1990 Jan 1992 Shawn H------n Reno, Nv Louvers added by Shawn
Aug 1990 Aug 1990 Ponderosa Car Sales Reno, Nv
June 1990 July 1990 Good Guy's Auto Sales Reno, Nv
Oct 1986 June 1990 Johnnie A. C--w San Jose, Ca

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