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Here are some of the cars I have owned:

My first car:

My First Car
1952 Ford Mainline Sedan with 292 Cubic Inch Thunderbird engine, original engine was a Ford Falthead.

My first new car:

My 1970 Torino
1970 Ford Torino 429 GT, 4 speed (this car would break today's maximum speed limit in first gear)

My favorite car: (next to my 1964 Falcon):

My 1979 Mustang Cobra
1979 Ford Mustang Cobra, 2.3 liter Turbo/4 speed

My previous daily driver: 2005 thru 2009 - 130,000 mile and many changes

1964 Ford Ranchero
1964 Ford Ranchero, Deluxe, 170 6 cylinder, C-4 transmission:

I purchased the 1964 Ranchero in June of 2005 to be able to work on the car unlike my previous driver which required it to go to the shop for repair. While I owned the Ranchero I made many changes such as converting the tranmission from a 3 speed manual to a C-4 automatic, added Granada front disc brakes, replaced the whimpy rearend with a 2.80 - 8 inch differential, 5 lug rims, dual master cylinder and made some minor rust repair, as well as, adding modern confort[ble seats. While I own the car I used it as my daily transportation and put 130k miles in 4 years. In May of 2009 the Ranchero was involved in an accident that totaled the truck. I enjoy all the time I had the car but learned it's hard to drive a car everyday and try to retore it, I still miss the Ranchero!

My current daily driver:

2000 Ford Focus
2009 Ford Focus SE, 2.0 liter 4 cylinder, Speed Manual:

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