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Addition of a Coolant Recover Resorvoir:

After owning my Falcon for a few month I frequently noticed a puddle of antifreeze under my car, I started to worry about the household pet and well as any possible enviromental effect which the antifreeze could cause.

The main chemical in antifreeze is ethylene glycol a deadly but sweet tasting poison. Because of its sweet taste children, wildlife and pets are attracted to it. As little as two ounces can kill a dog and only two tablespoons is hazardous to a child.

Step 1

Picture of a 1984 honda civic overflow resorvior

Shown is a overflow reservoir from a 1984 Honda Civic that I purchased from a local Pick-N-Pull Wrecking Yard. Cost of the reservoir was $3.00.

Any revervoir will work but ease of mounting should be the main consideration in selecting a revservoir for your car.

Step 2

Locate an area that the overflow revservoir will mount, under the hood near the existing radiator overflow tube. The best location for the revservoir on my car was on the drivers side of the car under the voltage regulator and next to the current overflow hose coming from the radiator.

Step 3

Picture of the bracket used to mount the overflow revservoir

Here is a picture of the bracket I made out of 1/8" thick by 1" wide Aluminum. The bracket mounts the overflow revservoir to the car's radiator support.

Once you have located the mounting location you will need to fabricated a mounting bracket for mounting the overflow revservoir to the car.

Click here for a drawing of the overflow revservoir
mounting bracket I made.

Step 4

Picture of the bracket used to mount the overflow revservoir

After mounting the overflow revservoir, trim the orginal overflow hose and connect it to the overflow revservoir. Fill the overflow revservoir with antifreeze or water to the full line.

The inserted picture shows the overflow revservoir and mounting bracket mounted to the cars radiator support using upper radiator mounting bolt (red arrow).


This modification has been on my car since Sept 1998 and I'm happy with the with the results. This addition to my car has made my car more enviromentally friendly and will keep my pet safe.


Disclaimer: I am not a professional mechanic. This site is not intended to instruct or teach anyone in proper or safe methods of working, maintaining or modifying a car and the author takes no responsibility for the the use of the information contained herein.

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